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Hello and Welcome to my website

My name is Nigel. This website is the place to find out all about me and the things I am interested in. Just click on the buttons at the top of each page to explore the site.
My 70th Birthday at Center Parcs
I am retired and I live in the village of Ludham which is the East of England in an area called The Norfolk Broads.

I grew up in Chesterfield in Derbyshire. That's the town which has a church with a crooked spire. I went to the local grammar school which was called Chesterfield School in those days. Scouting was a big interest of mine in those days (it still is) and I was also keen on electronics which was eventually to become my career.

My first job was at a coal mine called Silverhill Colliery. Silverhill was in the village of Teversal near Sutton in Ashfield in Nottinghamshire. My job was to repair the safety equipment. I started work there when I was 17 and it was a great introduction to the world of work
When I was 18, I went to Liverpool University where I studied Electronic Engineering. Liverpool is a great place to be a student and I had a lot of fun there as well as gaining my degree.

After leaving Liverpool, I moved to Bromley in South East London and I started work as an electronics engineer with Post Office Telecommunications (now known as BT). I was with this company for 28 years.

In 1975, I married Christina. We were married in Sheffield but we bought a house on Ridgeway Drive, Bromley. We have two sons and two grandchildren.

In 2001, Christina and I retired. We moved out of London and came to live in Ludham village in Norfolk.

This is just a short history. There is a lot more under the "Interesting Stuff" button above.

Interesting Stuff

I have lots of hobbies and interests which keep me very busy in my retirement.

I have been Scouting for over 50 years since I joined the Cubs in Chesterfield at the age of 8. In London, I was with the 3rd Bromley Scout Group for 27 years in various different jobs. Since retiring I have been a Beaver Leader and Group Chairman with the 1st Hoveton and Wroxham Sea Scouts. In 2012, I was awarded the Silver Acorn for services to Scouting.

I have always been interested in electronics and messing about with radios. In 1971, I took the exams and got my first Amateur (Ham) Radio license. I can still be found on the radio waves from time to time although the Internet has rather taken over from radio for long distance communications these days.

Christina and I bought a holiday home on the Norfolk Broads in 1990 and we have spent many happy holidays messing about in boats. We still have a kayak to get out on the Norfolk Broads.

Making models from Meccano is a favourite winter activity. There is nothing you can't make from Meccano.

Here in Ludham, I am a member of the local History Group, The Ludham Archive. I look after the computers and collect all the archive material. In the 20 plus years since we started, we have collected over 130,000 items needing almost 500Gbytes of storage.

A few years ago, Christina and I started in the hobby of geocaching. We have always enjoyed walking holidays and geocaching provides a new dimension to this activity as well as taking us to many places we would not have otherwise visited.

After I retired, I did a bit of consultancy work for a Dutch company called KVSA (Royal United Ship Agencies). Just a bit of fun, not serious work. I don't have time for that. Now I am fully retired.

You can find out more about all of these things by clicking on the buttons at the top of each page. The Ludham button gives information about the village and the things we get up to here and the Interesting Stuff and Scouting buttons cover the rest.

History of this site

I first created this site in the mid 1990s when I was a trial customer on BT's (then) new internet service. In those days, BT gave its customers some free web space and I put up this site as an experiment. The site remained on the trial server and I continued to update it with my latest news. In 2012, BT decided to discontinue the free web space and this was an opportunity to create a new look website. I hope you like it.

In 2024, the site moved to a new host server and had a complete makeover..

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The easiest way to contact me is by e-mail. My address is below. Sorry you can't click on it but this stops people from getting my address to send me spam.
You will also find me on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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